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Foot Care Nurse

Job Information

Our business provides nursing foot care to facilities throughout the BC interior. 


We are growing rapidly and are always looking for exceptional individuals to join our team!  We look for strong team players who understand how pivotal client satisfaction is to a service based organization and possess a positive and easy-going demeanor suited to interacting with a variety of people and situations.

Sector:  Health Care

Job Title:  Foot Care Nurse

Title of immediate supervisor:   District Manager

Work Schedule:   Monday-Friday, Daytime Hours

Job Summary

Under the direction of the District Manager, the Foot Care Nurse manages a client base, records and keeps up to date records, maintains provided equipment, manages monies from appointments and communicates regularly with co-workers and District Manager.

Job Information

Primary Responsibilities

Performance Indicators

  • Follow up with potential clients as soon as contact information is received.

  • Call and book appointments, obtain addresses.

  • Obtain relevant information: Consent for services forms

  • Arriving on time for appointments.

  • Be prepared with kit, professional clothing, etc.

  • Assessment and Foot Care performed

  • Clean-up of client and self – lists included in employee package

  • Charting completed in a timely manner, with legible writing/notations.

  • Book next appointment, issue receipts, collecting money in cash or Square form as needed.

  • Perform services for an average of 17 clients per shift.

  • Compliance with established directives

  • Organized filing and record keeping

  • Organized kit and care of equipment

  • Recurrence with appointments

  • Positive feedback from clients and facility staff

  • Arrange with supervisor best time/date to deliver monies collected and ensures adequate amount of supplies and forms are on hand.

Outline of requirements

  •  Must hold current Foot Care Certification

  •  Must hold current registration with Licensing Body of Nursing

  •  Available Monday-Friday 8:30-4:30

  •  Autonomous

  •  Decision making ability

  •  Organized

  •  Resourceful

  •  Attention to and concern for detail

  •  Valid Driver’s License

  •  Owns a reliable car

  •  Cell phone

  • Computer knowledge is a must (Excel, Email, Internet)