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Fees and Services

Foot Care Session

for all clients in care homes:

  • Foot Care:          $40.00

  • Hand Care:         $10.00

  • Polish:                 $10.00

We accept payment through your loved one's care home comfort fund, e-transfer, or cash or cheque at time of visit.

A percentage of nursing foot care services may be covered by some health insurance plans including Blue Cross, Great West Life, Sunlife, and DVA. Please contact your insurance provider to discover if you qualify for coverage. Receipts are issued upon request and may be applied to the medical expense portion of your personal income tax.


We also sell socks and can bring them directly to your loved one!

  • Diabetic Socks  1 pr:   $10.00

  • Diabetic Socks  2 pr:   $18.00

  • Diabetic Socks  3 pr:   $27.00


What happens in a foot care session?

Each session begins with an assessment to determine the overall health, mobility and circulation of the feet. Toenails are trimmed and filed smooth. Management and care of corns, calluses and other trouble areas are addressed. Feet are cleansed and a moisturizing foot rub is delivered.

A Foot Care Nurse is a regulated professional who has received additional education specific to the foot and lower limb. Our staff are experts in the assessment, planning, implementation, and evaluation of foot care needs.

Our team is in the best position to coordinate and address a client's emerging foot care needs and provide client, family and staff education.


Nurses are accountable to the British Columbia College of nurses and Midwives.


Our nurses update their knowledge and skills continually and ensure they meet established standards in all aspects of their practice and patient care.


One Step Foot Care staff ensure they follow high standards of practice as outlined by their nursing regulations and adhere strictly to Sterilization Techniques and Infection Control practices as per the Health Canada Guidelines and local Interior Health Policies.


Client care isn’t something we do – It’s something we feel!

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